Vipp shelter sverige

If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? The question lit the spark. The answer was the Vipp shelter. A nature retreat designed down to the very last detail.

A place with nature omnipresent and the landscape purposely framed.

A setting containing all the necessities and . Hvis du kunne tage til hvilket som helst sted i verden, hvor ville du så tage hen? Dette spørgsmål tændte gnisten. Et fristed i naturen der er designet ned til mindste detalje. Et ste hvor naturen er allestedsnærværende og landskabet indrammes.

A human charging station in the wilderness. A peaceful hideaway awaits you in the Swedish wilderness. A 55mblack steel structure with all the necessities and nothing more.

A chance to go offline and connect with nature. A MODERN ESCAPE By Mikal Strøm The shelter that facilitates nature escape. Traditionally, when designing a building, an architect considers the en.

This modernist hideaway by Lake Immeln in Sweden offers a return to nature for holiday-goers. Vipp is a Danish design company, who have in recent years extended their . Some weeks ago I was invited to visit the Vipp Shelter together with a small group of other bloggers from around Europe. After a couple of hours by car through the deep forests of southern Sweden , we arrived at the house, situated by an idyllic lake, perfect for a tranquil weekend away from the hustle and bustle of everyday . The square metre cabin hotel is made by Danish bin company Vipp , who have branched out into hotels.

What we do understand though, is that each hotel location only has one room – and that as soon as you check in, the hotel is fully booked. There are currently two . The Vipp Shelter pictured is situated in an isolated area in a Swedish forest( Credit: Vipp). View gallery – images. A few years ago, Danish design firm Vipp released a tiny house for the well-heeled that costs over half a million US dollars.

Mon Holger Nielsen, grundlægger af Vipp , nogensinde havde forestillet sig, at Vipp skulle blive til mere end blot en skraldespand. I dag er Vipp , som bekendt, meget mere end den ikoniske skraldspan men det er nok de færreste der havde forestillet sig, at man ligefrem skulle kunne flytte ind i et Vipp. The VIPP Shelter is a compact summerhouse located at Sjön Immeln (Immeln Lake) near Immeln in Skåne, the south of Sweden.

The shelter is designed in a dark-toned interior and exterior, ensuring that nothing distracts you from the beauty of the surrounding area. Check out from everyday life and listen to the soft, silent sounds of nature and the warmth of the crackling fireplace. Designed by vipp chief designer Morten Bo Jensen, . I sidste uge gik turen til Sverige. Også selvom det ikke var til mine forældres sommerhus, som det oftest plejer at være, når vi kører østpå.

Vipp har nemlig opført en mindre, men svært luksuriøs bolig, som går under navnet Vipp Shelter … Det her er Vipp Shelter. Read on to know more about this innovative hotel and reasons why you should be here this year: Vipp Shelter Sweden. You probably know of the Vipp Shelter in Sweden right?

The hand-made 55mtransparant. This Pin was discovered by simone b porseryd. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Go offline and connect with nature at this peaceful hideaway in the Swedish wilderness.

Vipp is upscaling its classic accessories and recent kitchen and bathroom modules to build shelters. The driving ambition of the Danish company means. This prefabricate square meter structure is designed to be placed in the natural setting of your choice with minimal effort on your part.